Pre-Order Policy

(Effective July 31st, 2021)

I understand that pertaining to:

    • Pre-orders are made-to-order in DVN's garment factory and will take approximately 12 weeks for production to complete. DVN does not use pre-made nor wholesale items.
    • Due to the continued impact of COVID on supply chain operations worldwide, DVN and/or its' partners may experience unpredictable delays.
    • While DVN always aims to fulfill orders sooner than expected, this timeline is NOT guaranteed.
    • If I desire to change my pre-order's color, size, or quantity, I can contact with the order number to make changes. Changes on pre-orders are only allowed to occur for 24 hours after purchase. After 24 hours of purchase, I cannot make changes to my pre-order.
    • Pre-orders are not eligible for cancellation, except by:
      • In the sole event of delays. After 14 weeks of the day of my purchase, I will have the option and authority to cancel my pre-order without any issue and receive a full refund.
    • This item is not eligible for customization through a pre-order, and I cannot purchase a pre-order with a request to add customization.
    • To customize this item, I must contact DVN at for a personalized experience.

By ordering a pre-order with DVN, I confirm that I have read, understand and agree to the terms & conditions of my pre-order.