DVN Co. was founded on Faith with Fashion in mind.

Brand Mission

DVN Co. creates emotional and social connections with our customers around the globe through inspiring and dope product design, and unique experiences. Our bond with our customers is our core and our foundation - without compromise. Every moment in a Masterpiece is designed to be a memory.

We challenge market standards by being catalysts of change, providing unmatched, innovative, and cutting edge quality products, customer service, exclusivity, and value.

Brand vision

To be the brand that creates memories by being best connected with our customers, and the best at understanding and most satisfying their unique fashion desires.

Our Purpose

DVN started with just a mustard seed of faith, and so we keep faith at our core. "For we are God's Masterpiece," so we allow God to use our hands, minds, and creativity to produce the same: a masterpiece.

To some, this is just clothing and accessories. But to us, creativity is a gift from the Original Creative. So, this is our ministry, and we love it here. Every creation from DVN is because of the One who first created and loved us.


This is what we do
Originality and Quality First

You can trust that when you shop with us, you're getting original, high-quality made apparel. You won't find wholesale items on our store, and you also won't find the same products anywhere else. Everything we sell is designed and created in-house.

we're not a vendor
brand + Manufacturer

While it sounds cliché, we produce our apparel with a whole lot of love. Our manufacturing endeavor came about through genuine friendship separated by an ocean.

So, here at DVN, we have our own garment factory in Pakistan and we set our own product standards. While DVN is a brand, we also manufacture for other companies and brands.

We aim to match and exceed the quality of those leading the fashion & streetwear industry. Our PK Team ensures we stay on par with this vision and goal.

we're able to go beyond
We Serve all Sports Teams, Organizations, clubs, and companies

Want a group of jackets for your class reunion? Need basketball jerseys for your AAU team? Or maybe your startup needs some dope and unique swag that you can't find through wholesalers? Or you're a part of an organization (greek included) that we don't readily hold inventory for? Whatever the case may be, we're here to make some Masterpieces for you and your group.

We're here to produce all of your custom item needs, 100% made-to-order.

Remember, we're the manufacturer. So there's no middle man.

any questions?

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