Danielle Render,
Founder of DVN

About the Founder

Hey, I’m Dani — the founder of DVN.

Thank you for taking a moment to dive into my world. It means the world to know you’re interested in not just DVN, but the story behind it: my story. Starting DVN in 2017 wasn’t just about creating a brand; it was about redefining what high-quality, custom garments mean in the Greek apparel space. (Fun fact, I actually started the concept DVN in 2011, as Divine Creations, when I was in high school)

Growing up in Cleveland, OH, life was anything but predictable. Raised by a single mom, I was often navigating a world where you have to work your butt off for everything, but I was also a dreamer. I was always the kid with a head full of dreams, often lost in art and music classes, until budget cuts made those classes go away. Diagnosed with ADHD at 27, I look back and see a childhood marked by a love for art and music, but a world where “practicality” mattered most. So, in being nudged towards STEM, I went for it — and a part of me was always in there, doodling away, lost in a world of creativity.

At Purdue University, my passion for design and leadership found themselves to be my getaways. Designing flyers for D9 chapter events (way before I pledged Delta in Fall '15) was one of my creative outlets in the midst of overly-demanding Engineering courses at a Top 10 Engineering College. Despite academic pressure, being part of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and joining the Zeta Theta Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., gave me a place of belonging and a platform for making a difference. I eventually became the Region IV Chairperson of NSBE and Vice President of Zeta Theta. I'd have to write a novel to share my involvements on campus — but through my leadership, I was awarded a service award, allowing my name to be on a plaque in the Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering. Mama, I made it! So, Purdue was where I graduated with a degree in Multidisciplinary Engineering and Organizational Leadership, but most importantly, it’s where I discovered the passion for seeing ideas come to life, and gained the tools to make it happen.

Post-college, I jumped into the corporate world at a consulting firm. Yet, when the workday ended, it was Divine Creations Clothing Co. (the early version of DVN Co.) that captured my heart. It started as a side hustle, but God had bigger plans. After a car accident in 2018, I found myself at a crossroads: what I wanted to do vs. what God had planned for me. This led to a period of reflection and eventually, a leap of faith into DVN full-time in April 2019. I walked away from my career with GOOD benefits because I realized that DVN was more than just a side-hustle; it was a calling.

Fast forward to today, and DVN is setting a new standard in Greek apparel and custom apparel. We design and cut and sew everything you’ll ever see from us. Our factory in Pakistan enables us to craft visions from scratch and it’s something I’m so proud of. We’re not just selling clothes; we’re setting new standards, pushing boundaries, and showing what it means to combine quality with heart and faith. My dream is to see DVN become a staple in your wardrobe, standing proudly alongside mainstream fashion brands. And looking ahead, I see DVN evolving into a space and platform for up-and-coming designers and entrepreneurs - a hub where fashion dreams turn into tangible realities.

My journey is a story of art, engineering, leadership, and a whole lot of faith. It’s been about building something from the ground up, staying true to who you are, and falling in love with what you do over and over again (because sometimes you’ll fall out it, but you’ll remember why you do what you do). So I say this to you: Keep on going. Keep on creating. Keep on being the best you that you can be. What you bring into the world can only be done by you, no matter who else is doing it.

Thank you for coming along on this ride with me. Your support and belief in DVN means everything.

If you’re new here, welcome to DVN, where we’re not just making clothes – we’re making statements.

Love and Light,

Childhood Memories at Karamu House

A Journey Rooted in Art

From the earliest days, art and creativity have been at the core of my journey. Truthfully, I forgot about the fact that I went to an art preschool. So seeing this photo made me a emotional, because I realize DVN was more than just a chance; it was a path intricately woven into my life from the very beginning.

Every step of my journey, from this early exposure to art, community, and culture at Karamu House to founding DVN, has been an unfolding tapestry of creativity, passion, and purpose.