Experience the ease of 100% bespoke products.

Boundless Creativity

When you customize apparel with embroidery and print-on-demand shops, you can only use ready made apparel. Therefore, you're met with so many creative limitations. If the item you like doesn't come in the color configuration you want or even the sizes you need, you're left with no other options. This is where we come in.

With DVN, you're working with a Brand + Full-Service Clothing Manufacturer. You provide us the vision and we do the rest. We turn visions into Masterpieces.

Unlike most custom apparel companies, DVN Co. is unique because we start each custom order from scratch - allowing you the freedom during design to create something that's just simply not possible when choosing a stock product. We don't use wholesale items, ever. When you work with us, consider every custom order as a blank canvas. Being able to choose the colors and design of every part of the product, you're guaranteed a Masterpiece that will highlight the things that allow your memorabilia to make even more memories.

Once you've finalized your design with us, only then do we begin production. We start by cutting the garment panels from fabric rolls with the colors and fabric you've selected.

high quality applications
print or embroidery

Once all the necessary panels are cut and sewn, it’s time to make them personal with your details. We embellish the panels with embroidery (or, if done by sublimation, the printing happens first, then the panels are cut) before sewing them all together. With a free range of production, this removes the restrictions often faced by embellishing an already assembled product (as wholesale products typically limit customization to specific product areas).

Whether it's "all over" printing on the outside/inside or it's adding a custom label under the chest pocket, DVN can produce a completely customized product.

hand sewn & quality assured
made professionally

After the "hard" work finishes, it's time to sew all of the panels together. What good is great embroidery if the garment itself is poorly sewn together? Or if it just feels cheap? With DVN, your customs are professionally manufactured by our own team or preferred partners. We do not source or drop ship products from random manufacturers. All work produced by DVN is made within our factory or network.

Every product undergoes a series of quality control checks and tests before sending them on their way. Quality assurance is a priority at DVN Co. because your Masterpiece should last as long as your memories do (depending on use, of course). We want your Masterpiece to be a walking expression that continues to make memories.

Custom process faqS

The Most Popular Question for Customs

Here's the question we're asked the most and it may be something you want to know.

Unfortunately not. All of our customs are 100% custom and manufactured in our garment factory.

We don't embroider items once they're sewn and completed as a finished garment because our production team specializes in manufacturing new garments. Apparel decorators, like your local embroidery or print shop, are better able to serve you in "decorating" your item that's already in your hands.

I know it may suck, but this also applies if you have one of our garments. We do not embroider ready-made apparel; not even our own.

Unfortunately not. We don't accept pre-made or ready made items for embroidery or printing; not even our own items.

For this case, we always recommend supporting local embroidery or print shops.


Check here for how to order a custom item from DVN.

If the item isn't available for customization on our site, email us with your detailed request via or fill out the custom order request form here.

Here at DVN, we have no minimums (except custom knit items like cardigans).

However, we have a price minimum of $100 for one single cut and sew embroidery item. There's things we honestly just don't recommend getting from us as one-off items, like a t-shirt unless you just REALLY want a t-shirt that you can't get ANYWHERE else.

For most optimal pricing, it's best to have a quantity of at least 10. Why? We can make one jacket or we can make one thousand, but the one jacket will cost much higher due to the resources allocated for it. Quantities less than ten in garment manufacturing are considered "samples." While it seems to be easier to make just one item, the same amount of resources are allocated as if there was fifty.

So, we can always make quantities less than 10, but the price will always be higher if they don't cross this threshold. 

Feel free to reach out to us if you're looking for some creative help on an item you're producing with us! We'll help out however we can. However, we do require a vision to get started. If you're looking for us to have creative freedom, there will be a non-refundable graphic design fee of $100-250, depending on the designer on our team and the complexity of the design.

Note: We do not provide mock-ups until after the deposit is made or a non-refundable (but deductible) $150 mock-up design fee is paid. Revisions are limited to 3, and any additional revisions will cost extra. The graphic design fee and the mock-up design fee are not the same.

In order to stay competitive with the market and have sustainable operations, we occasionally have to raise our prices.

After the pandemic, many materials around the world cost so much more than they did when we first started.

We hope you'll continue to support DVN!


Check here for common questions about custom order processing.

You can cancel your order prior to your order going into production. If your order is not in production and you wish to cancel your order, please contact us.

However, please note, once our designers get to work on designing your custom piece, we must deduct a $150 mock-up design fee.

Furthermore, once you approve your mock-up, your order is considered to be in production. We do not cancel orders in production and deposits are not refundable.

While the standard delivery times vary depending on the product, your garments should be delivered to you approximately 8-12 weeks from the time you approve your mock-up with us, not including shipping. Sometimes we get things completed sooner, but it's not guaranteed. Therefore, we state our timeline to be transparent in our process.

If you need your garments sooner, shoot us an email and we'll see how we can help. We do offer rush fees for any specific delivery dates. Reach out and let us know when you need your custom garments.

More often than not, the answer is no as we keep a VERY busy queue. We are a brand and a manufacturer. Due to custom manufacturing, it requires a lot of attention to rush an order. Thus, in the event we can accommodate, for orders needed in 4 weeks, a 50% rush fee will be charged on top of the item. If ordering to guarantee something between 5-8 weeks, a 25% rush fee may be charged on top of the item.

To know if we can meet your schedule demand, please contact us at


Check here for commonly asked questions about shipping custom items.

Custom orders placed with DVN can be delivered to most countries (excluding remote locations) and military bases worldwide.

Returns, Exchanges, and Refunds

Check here for common questions about our returns, exchanges, and refunds regarding custom items from DVN.

We are unable to refund or exchange custom items due to incorrect spelling, size selection, etc. Please be careful when ordering and check all the details in your mock-up and proof. Ensure you have checked your size before ordering.

However, if we made a mistake and there is a problem with your order, please contact us within 14 days. Our customer care team is standing by to help. We will always rectify our production mistakes, free of charge.

With any order issues, please provide as many details as possible, including your name, phone number, order number, a picture of the suspected problem, and a customer care team member will assess your garment and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Items customized in any manner are non-returnable and non-refundable. Because your item was made from scratch for you, there are zero exceptions for customized items.

Refunds are not given on late orders except under extreme circumstances. DVN is not responsible for late, damaged, lost, or stolen packages that occurs while in the possession of the mail carrier nor after the delivery of such. We are also not responsible for incorrect addresses.

We understand that your items are special to you and we aim to always please and deliver. But in the event that we fall short, we will work with you for a fair solution.

In no circumstance will we extend a full refund for customized items.