DVN International - Garment Manufacturer

DVN Intl. is our manufacturing brand that provides B2B end-to-end sourcing and manufacturing services to companies, brands, and high-profile clientele. Our goal is to make manufacturing more of a sexy process. We want the process of working with a manufacturer to be more personalized, streamlined, more productive, and less stressful.
At DVN, we aim to put people and teams in the seat of having to do less, stress less, and feel more a part of the production process. We help increase your profit margins, improve your product quality, reduce stress, and improve your direct-to-manufacturer experience.
We've been the brand working with tens of manufacturers trying to make it work. We've seen what went right and what went now. Now we're a brand with a fully integrated manufacturing unit, and we're here to help brands and clients have more of a premium experience.
Are you or your team interested in working with us? Contact us at sales@dvn.co.