Pre-Orders at DVN Co.

At DVN Co., sometimes we hold periods where we let customers pre-order Masterpieces. A pre-order is the purchase of an item that is not yet available, released, or produced. Essentially, it allows customers to secure items before they are readily available. When we do pre-orders, every piece is made-to-order in our abroad garment factory.

Effective July 31st, 2021, all pre-orders will be conducted with the expected wait period of 3-5 months to allow proper production planning and execution, unless otherwise stated.

DVN has continued to grow since its founding in November 2017, and we've decided that we can no longer realistically meet the demands of thousands of pre-orders within 8 weeks. Thank you so much for your continued support and your understanding of our new pre-order timeline.

Just so you know how we do things, here's our process when we conduct pre-orders:

  1. We set a date window of when we will accept pre-orders.
  2. We allow customers to shop within this window and buy an unlimited amount of items.
  3. Once the window closes, we thoroughly compile the data and develop a list of quantities based on organization, item, color, and size.
  4. We sent this list to our production team in Sialkot, Pakistan.
  5. The team will do the math of how many yards we need per color of fabric, and a purchaser will buy the material in bolts.
  6. Once the material is acquired, our team performs quality testing on the fabric. If there are spots or stains on the fabric or we deem the quality less than acceptable, our quality team will reject the fabric. A purchaser will then order again from another fabric supplier. This cycle happens again and again if the fabric continues to get rejected.
  7. Once approved, our cutting master will then begin the cutting process of cutting the pattern, panel by panel.
  8. After cutting, the items enter the embroidery process. This process involves embroidery design, laser cutting of appliqué, and applying the appliqué fabric to the item fabric.
  9. The team will perform quality testing after embroidery completes. If they reject pieces, the panel(s) will be recut and sent back to embroidery.
  10. Our stitching team will sew the clothing tags to the panels and then sew the panels together to make a masterpiece. 
  11. The items undergo another quality check. If the Masterpiece passes, the quality team will send it sent to the packing area. If the item fails, it goes back to cutting and goes through the process again.
  12. One by one, the packing team adds the hang tags to the Masterpieces, then the garments are packed individually into garment bags, and size stickers get added.
  13. Items are packed in shipping boxes and sent from our factory to our warehouse.
  14. When we receive the shipments, we sort the contents by item, organization, color, and size, and we perform a count of the items. Depending on the number of shipments, sometimes this takes a few hours or takes over 1-2 days.
  15. After we know how many are received, we proceed to ship items. Once done, we exhale and celebrate.

The production of pre-orders is like planning a new or rereleased production run, but it doesn't come without it's challenges. However, we're committed to what we do. We're a small team of folks in our twenty-somethings managing international operations as if we've been doing this for years. #Blessed. Your support means everything to us as we grow, learn, and build an empire!

Thanks for continuing to allow us to #MakeThatMasterpiece for you.